CBC St Kilda is a Catholic College for boys operating in the Edmund Rice Tradition.  Schools conducted in the Edmund Rice tradition offer a distinctive Catholic educational philosophy based on the cultural characteristics outlined in the Edmund Rice Education Australia Charter.  These cultural characteristics emphasise amongst other things a concern for the dignity of each person, the critical importance of compassion and a commitment to justice for all.  

The enrolment process of CBC St Kilda operates within the Enrolment Guidelines of the Catholic Education office of Melbourne.  

Students who are Catholic receive priority when enrolling at CBC St Kilda. However, the College welcomes enrolments from other Christian and faith traditions.

Priority in Enrolment 

In processing applications for entry at Year 7, the priority for entry will be: 

  • Catholic Students living in one of the following priority Parishes, and attending the Catholic Parish Primary school: 

Brighton East

St Finbar’s School


St Aloysius’ School


St Joseph’s School


St Joseph’s School


St Columba’s School

Melbourne South

Galilee Regional School

Prahran East

Our Lady of Lourdes School

Richmond North

Trinity Catholic School


St Margaret Mary’s School

St Kilda East

St Mary’s School


St Augustine’s School

  • Brothers of students currently enrolled in the College, or of former students who have completed their secondary education at Christian Brothers’ College.  The brother should be a Catholic student in a Catholic primary school. 
  • Catholic students who are sons of former students who are attending a Catholic Primary school. 
  • Catholic students living in a priority Parish and attending a government, other non-government, or a Catholic school outside the priority Parishes. 
  • Other:

1.  Catholic students living in a non-priority parish and attending the parish school
2.  Orthodox students living in and attending a priority parish school
3.  Any other applicants 

The offer of enrolment is at the discretion of the Principal who will consider each case on its merits in light of enrolment priorities and the College Mission Statement, and taking into account any special circumstance.