CBC Booklists for 2015 are available only online via this site and the Lamont Books site (i.e. no hard copy Booklists are distributed).

New Textbooks will be available from Lamont Books as per the booklists below and can be ordered from their website http://www.lamontbooks.com.au/textbooks-stationery/cbc-st-kilda

Parents wishing to order or sell second hand hardcopy books can do so via Sustainable School Shop a new initiative from the Parents and Friends. http://www.sustainableschoolshop.com.au/ 
For buying and selling of secondhand textbooks, families will need to register online at Sustainable School Shop, however the registration fee for CBC families has kindly been paid by CBC Parents & Friends.

*Please note that due to the nature of Electronic Books these cannot be purchased or sold second hand.  All books marked as provided by readcloud will have to be purchased from Lamont as per the booklist.

Lamont Books Order Distribution/Collection

Lamont Books  textbook orders received by 14th December 2014 attract Free Postage and Handling.

Lamont Books  textbook orders received after 14th December 2014 attract $9.50 postage charge for orders under $100 and $15 postage charge for orders over $100.  

Alternatively, you may collect your books from CBC on Monday 19 January 2015, 2pm—6pm (if collecting books ordered after 14th December 2014, there is a $5.00 handling and processing fee).

*Please note that Readcloud books will be loaded electronically in 2015 with assistance from CBC’s IT Department.

Year 7

acrobat Year 7 Book List 2015

acrobat Year 7 Stationery list 2015


Year 8

acrobat Year 8 Book  list 2015

acrobat Year 8 Stationery list 2015

Year 9

acrobat Year 9 Book  list 2015

acrobat Year 9 Stationery list 2015

Year 10

acrobat Year 10 Book  list 2015 

acrobat Year 10 Stationery  list 2015 


acrobat   Year 11 Book list 2015 

acrobat   Year 12 Book list 2015 

acrobat   VCE Stationery list 2015