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Welcome to the CBC St Kilda Web Site. I hope you gain the valuable information you are looking for within these pages. At CBC we understand that the choice of a secondary school is one of the most important decisions a family is likely to make. We appreciate you are looking for a school that will be compatible with your values and beliefs and it is for this reason that we always see an education at CBC as a partnership between family and school. We know that everything we do is built upon the riches of the family life you provide your sons.
As a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition, CBC St Kilda is committed to Touchstones of the Charter for Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) schools, which are:

Liberating Education
Inclusive Community
Gospel Spirituality
Justice and Solidarity.

We also appreciate that each student’s capacities and needs are different, and understand the information we present here may not provide you with everything you need to know. Should you need more specific information please feel free to contact the College and speak to our Registrar. Another valuable way of learning about CBC is to take a tour. These can be individually arranged, or you can take part in one of our Talk & Tours. These tours are usually held monthly, and are designed to offer the opportunity to meet and hear from our students and key staff, including myself, about community life and learning at CBC.
Looking Forward, with a Proud Heritage

As Principal of CBC St Kilda, I am immensely proud to be part of a school that has such a long and rich heritage of scholarship and community spirit. However, as much as CBC values and utilises this legacy through engagement with significant Old Collegians, it is the present and future that remains our greatest focus. For this reason the College has committed energy, time and enthusiasm to creating contemporary, forward thinking approaches to learning. We recognise that an education at CBC is a preparation for an unfolding and largely unknown world, and as such, it is important we teach our students a love and respect for learning, and knowledge and skills that are transferrable and applicable to a range of contexts. These things will enable our boys to continue this journey of growth to become citizens who are adaptive, creative and solution-focused, and ready to be positive contributors to a global society.

Learning, life skills and a moral compass

The most current research tells us that many high-achieving adults share one distinctive personal quality; surprisingly, this is not a high IQ. This more distinguishing ability is what is called emotional intelligence (EQ): this is the capacity to communicate effectively and work successfully and supportively with others. We understand the ability to think clearly and analytically, solve problems and use knowledge creatively is vitally important, but we believe these capabilities that we normally call intelligence should not be separated from other critical competencies that make up who we are. For this reason, learning at CBC is designed to bring together IQ and EQ to challenge and engage the whole person. In this way, life skills and academic learning are linked to make up the core of a CBC education.

Learning is more than knowledge, or information processing; it encompasses everything we do, and takes place in the classroom, on the playing-field, and in the natural environment. It occurs on stage, on excursions and internationally. Providing this rich variety of learning experiences helps CBC students be independent, creative people who work effectively in many settings - comfortable and ready to take appropriate risks.

We know that learning is relational. When students relate well to their teachers and believe they care about them they become more motivated, and learning flows. For this reason we select our staff very carefully to ensure they can inspire, build trust and stimulate learning.

As much as it is important for teachers to create the right relational climate for students to thrive, similarly guidance and growth in the area of social intelligence creates the right capabilities for the boys to prosper. These skills enable the students to have strong, positive and mutually respectful relationships with others in the community, and can offer the individuals enormous advantages in real-world contexts. At CBC, one of our key goals is to ensure that the boys learn social literacy skills as a vital complement to their classroom learning. By doing this we help each boy develop resilient, positive attitudes and an optimistic, solution-oriented approach towards life's many challenges.

One of CBC’s most important roles however, is to join with families to instill a deep sense of moral and spiritual values for each person in the CBC school community. This traditional Catholic focus on the ‘interior’ is gaining wider recognition across the community.

At CBC we work hard to give the intellectual traditions and spiritual wisdom of the Catholic faith a contemporary voice that offers a strong, authentic and clear moral compass for students. Our hope is that the boys will learn to appreciate how their actions can be guided by the internal voice of the spirit within. We aim to help the students create congruency between their inner life and external actions - and they learn to take up this challenge as a lifelong priority. In the same way that love needs to be experienced, so does Faith, as explanations pale in comparison and seem somewhat unconvincing. Through the example of our community, we hope to find the words and deeds that interpret the life giving message of Jesus so He may become a living, relevant moral compass in the lives of the boys.

We hope that as our boys leave CBC St Kilda to enter the adult world, they begin their new journey with a strong personal understanding of what living life as a truly good person means. Today, these aspirations are more important than ever.
Gerald Bain-King

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